How Do I Use My Locking/Straining Pot Lid?

How do I use my Locking/Straining pot lid?

Thank you for choosing our product. To ensure a long and pleasant experience, please follow these instructions for your Straining or Locking pot lid. These instructions are for general personal safety and to prevent damage to your product.


  • Hot liquid can be dangerous.
  • Review ALL instructions before use.
  • This pot should not be used for deep frying.
  • Do NOT use lid handle to lift the pot, always use the side handles.
  • Make sure the lid is locked just before pouring/draining.
  • Pour/drain liquids into the sink or into a container that you have placed in the sink.
  • Use caution when pouring hot liquids. Take care not to splash the liquid.


For maximum safety and draining efficiency, do not pour beyond a 45 degree tilt.  Please note: For straining of small foods, use the small holes on the lid.  For straining of large foods, use the large holes on the lid.

*Not all lids have large & small holes.


Make certain that the lid is locked securely when using tea kettles, straining pots or other product with locking lids. This will avoid escaping steam or hot liquid from causing injury. Before and after cooking, make sure the lid is firmly locked in place, prior to pouring.  To lock lid, turn clockwise until it stops (Note the stamped arrows on the lid for insertion and locking).

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