Ceramic Vs. Nonstick Coating

What is the difference between ceramic and nonstick coating?

Ceramic is a newer material in the world of nonstick cookware. It's widely considered to be the safest and most environmentally friendly option. Ceramic is free of PTFE. Ceramic coatings come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Nonstick (PTFE) is the 'classic' nonstick material. When it comes to long lasting nonstick performance, nonstick coatings outperform competitors, including ceramic pans or 'green pans.'

While nonstick is arguably on average more durable than ceramic at the moment, some consumers are concerned about it's safety. You can use classic nonstick product safely as long as you use it properly and follow the use and care with your product. 500ºF is the maximum temperature recommended for cooking with classic nonstick product.  However, if you're cooking in an oven, most product handles are only oven safe to 350ºF.

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