Double Burner Griddles On Ceramic Stove-Tops

Can I use a double burner griddle on my glass/ceramic stovetop?

Please refer to your stovetop manufacturer's Use and Care manual to determine whether or not your glass/ceramic stovetop can accomodate a double burner griddle. In general, if your stovetop contains a bridge between the burners, you can use a double burner griddle on your stovetop. If your stovetop can accomodate a double burner griddle, you can view or purchase our selection via our online store. Please note that using a double burner griddle of any type on a glass/ceramic stovetop that does NOT contain a bridge, can result in damage to your stovetop. 

When using a double burner griddle, on any type of stove, be sure that the griddle fits entirely over both burners. Ensure that the handles are not over direct heat. Handles left over direct heat will burn and become brittle.

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